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The Shop provides unparalleled Service for European vehicles.

At The Shop, we pride ourselves on our expertise with an array of prestigious European car makers. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing exceptional service and maintenance for these world-renowned brands. From the luxury of Mercedes to the precision of BMW, we ensure your European vehicle receives the highest standard of care.

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Auto shop for European Vehicles in Jeffersontown, KY

Welcome to The Shop KY – Your Destination for European Automotive Mastery

Mercedes-Benz – The Best or Nothing

Trust your Mercedes to us, where we uphold the brand’s commitment to excellence. Our meticulous service ensures your Mercedes-Benz performs as exquisitely as it was designed to.

BMW – Sheer Driving Pleasure

Experience comprehensive care for your BMW, a brand synonymous with driving pleasure. Our technicians are experts in keeping your BMW at its peak performance.

Ferrari – The Essence of Performance

Ferrari’s legendary performance is preserved in our hands. We provide the specialized care needed to maintain the exhilarating power and beauty of your Ferrari.

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Maserati – Elegance Meets Performance.

At The Shop, we specialize in the meticulous care of Maserati’s unique blend of Italian elegance and exceptional performance, ensuring every Maserati maintains its luxurious character and dynamic driving experience.”

Volkswagen – Engineering People Love

We understand the broad range of Volkswagen models, from the classic Beetle to the modern Golf. Our services ensure your VW continues to deliver joy on the road.

Bentley – Defining Luxury

Bentley’s unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship require specialized care, which we proudly provide. Our service ensures your Bentley continues to set standards in luxury.

Audi – Vorsprung durch Technik

Audi’s blend of technology and performance is matched by our expert servicing. We maintain the cutting-edge innovation and smooth performance of your Audi.

Jaguar – The Art of Performance

We treat every Jaguar with the reverence it deserves, ensuring that the elegance and performance of this iconic brand are meticulously preserved.

Alfa Romeo – La meccanica delle emozioni

Alfa Romeo’s passion and innovation require dedicated expertise. Our services keep your Alfa Romeo performing with its characteristic Italian flair.

black audi sedan on road during daytime
black mercedes benz coupe on road during daytime

Porsche – There is No Substitute

Porsche’s exceptional performance and engineering demand equally exceptional care. We specialize in maintaining the powerful performance and refined handling of your Porsche.

Lamborghini – Pure Italian Craftsmanship

Lamborghini’s extraordinary performance and style require the highest level of expertise, which we provide, ensuring your Lamborghini remains an exhilarating drive.

Land Rover – Above and Beyond

We understand the ruggedness and luxury of Land Rover vehicles. Our services ensure your Land Rover continues to go above and beyond, no matter the terrain.

Volvo – Designed Around You

Volvo’s reputation for safety and design is something we uphold in every service. We ensure your Volvo continues to protect and comfort you on every journey.

Smart – Big on Experience, Small on Compromise

Even the compact Smart car receives our full attention. We specialize in maintaining its unique design and efficient performance.

Mini – Iconically British

The Mini, with its distinct British charm, is handled with care in our shop. We ensure that every Mini retains its unique character and zippy performance.

Aston Martin – Power, Beauty, and Soul

The elegance and performance of Aston Martin are in safe hands with us. We ensure that your Aston Martin continues to embody power, beauty, and soul.

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We Offer All Automotive Services

Domestic, European, Asian, and Exotic Automotive Services.

Delivering expert care for a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring peak performance and unmatched driving experiences.

Max Breunig
Max Breunig

Left us a 5 star review

Max Breunig
June 20, 2024

Honest and timely service. Could not recommend a better shop in town.

Jessica Walker
June 20, 2024

This place was absolutely amazing, they fixed my car for a small fraction of the price then another shop quoted me for! They were also super fast

Katie Moore
June 7, 2024

Appreciate and love The Shop SO much! I desperately needed an oil change before going out of town and they thankfully were able to squeeze me in. Their staff are so friendly, the waiting area is very clean and it was an amazing deal! We will definitely be back and I’ve already started messaging family before even walking out the door. Thank you guys!

Elise House
June 10, 2024

These guys are hands down the best in town. They’re incredibly kind and knowledgeable and explain everything in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you know nothing about cars. Take every car you ever own here. Seriously, they’re awesome.

Jordan Micheal
July 17, 2024

Awsome shop, Steven help save me from a pickle !!

Elaine Rector
January 3, 2024

Everything you can ask for in a service shop. Great people, fair prices, fast service. Stephen kept in touch with all updates. We will definitely be back!

Robyn C
May 7, 2024

Exceptional service! I called them quite by accident when the dealership said they could not see me until mid June after my check engine came on. The owner, Steven Kelly, said come right over and we will diagnose the problem. I did and was completely at ease. Took my car in today and I can’t say enough good…a great bunch of guys (even though I had to walk there…LOL). I’ll never go anywhere else!!

Elizabeth Howard
March 27, 2024

As a woman who has tried multiple automotive shops both chain and small, I cannot recommend The Shop enough. Their style of informing me what was going on with my 2011 VW Golf TDI was knowledgeable without mansplaining and was incredibly refreshing. This is a tip to toe mentality shared among the entire Shop, and you could tell they actually liked their jobs. Not common these days, but so nice to see. I have never felt more confident in my understanding of what is actually being worked on in my car and that the work being performed is of the highest quality. I will without a doubt be a lifelong customer. No one I'd trust more at this point.

Kali Edwards
April 15, 2024

Love this place! Wouldn’t take my car anywhere else!

Michael Gray
May 25, 2024

My wife and I recently moved to Fern Creek. Since we drive older cars, it's good to have a trustworthy mechanic close by. We happened to meet Steven through our new neighbor, and within about a month both of our cars needed some repair work. We decided to use "The Shop" and we are glad we did. Steven and his staff are courteous, fair, quite knowledgeable, and very accommodating. We are happy and relieved that we've found our new car guy.

John Daly
March 20, 2024

Great service and great people!

Tammy R
May 24, 2024

Great service, technicians, and from a woman's perspective, I felt very lucky to have used this shop. Not pushy and very informative. I will be back.

Lizzie Hunter
May 24, 2024

I knew I needed my brakes checked, and I work right next to The Shop, so I went over and asked if they could look at it. Going in, the vibe was already super fun. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Steven greeted me at the desk, and we talked about possible repairs—then he told me to bring it by, they’d look at it, and if I wanted, they could start repairs right away and hopefully have them done that night! Once they knew what my car would need Steven walked over to let me know and talk it through with me. He was clearly very knowledgeable and he explained what my car needed and why it was important and how they were going to do it well. Brian was the tech, and he stayed late to get my repairs finished for me. Steven kept me updated the whole time. I picked up my car with new brake pads, rotors, and fresh calipers, and my little Hyundai has not driven better since I got her last year. They do oil changes as well, they’re super sweet and fun—definitely definitely go here if you need work on your car.

Autumn Walters
July 8, 2024
Tee Crosby
July 9, 2024

Great and speedy service. Will be using for all my cars highly recommend

Chelsea Wellinghurst
March 22, 2024

10/10 service! Steven and his team are exactly who you want working on your vehicles. They are trustworthy and also able to fit you in at last minute notice. They are hard working and very up front and honest. If you don’t understand Steven and his experienced team will gladly sit down and explain things to you. Will always use this place for my car needs!

William Hughes
May 28, 2024

The Shop did an excellent job with the replacement of the brakes on our CRV! They were thorough in their explanation of the work they had done and the brakes are working perfectly! I appreciate the personal touch that you won’t get at other mechanic’s shops!

Heather Gray
April 18, 2024

AMAZING work done by an awesome crew! These are the NICEST most reasonable people. They diagnosed the problem last minute, performed excellent, high quality work at the drop of the dime, stayed late so I could get my vehicle(s). Affordable price, I was able to get BOTH my vehicles repaired. I will forever come back to this place, this is THE SHOP.

Sydney T
December 28, 2023

Very pleased with my service! They checked everything that I had requested be checked and advised me as to what was needed and only what was needed rather than pushing or agreeing to do additional work that wasn't needed. The price was on market with what I expected to pay. It was very convenient to drop my car off the night before and it was ready for pick up when I needed. They communicated with me throughout the process. I would definitely recommend The Shop.

Carter A
March 1, 2024

Awesome, Fast, Friendly, and Easy Going Service!! I definitely would go back for any maintenance on my car! I highly recommend them!

Bill Gray
May 22, 2024

Having a mechanic that is honest, knowledgeable, informative, and very easy to communicate with is priceless. Steven and his crew at The Shop are all these things. They did a couple of big jobs on my Honda Odyssey with great results. I had gone to a Honda dealer, who provided an estimate of repairs that for me, seemed excessive. I took it into The Shop and they gave it a once over. Helped trim out all the unnecessary work and beat the dealer on the cost of what did need to be done. If needed, I will confidently bring my family's vehicles and certainly give The Shop as a recommendation. Thanks and great work guys!

Debby Canary
June 4, 2024

Very pleased. They are honest. I highly recommend that you give them a try.

Kathryn Castillo
March 7, 2024

Awesome guys!!! Honest and best mechanics I've ever experienced. They explain everything, and get me in and out fast. I'll never go anywhere else, while I'm here in Kentucky. Thank you so much! Would recommend to anyone.

Rich Smith
January 15, 2024

Top notch repair shop and very friendly, great service would recommend!

Isaiah A
April 26, 2024

THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!! Super honest, knowledgeable and JUST FREAKING AWESOME! They have earned my business in full. Jacob (mechanic) coolest guy on the block. Owner Steven is right there with Jacob hahaha!

Warren Mills
April 3, 2024

Excellent in everyway

Nico Plumeri
May 29, 2024

great service

craig plyler
May 8, 2024
Raymond Huynh
July 9, 2024

Great people and clean shop!

Dennis Truman
February 21, 2024

My experience with The Shop was above par! My daughters car wouldn't start and I needed to have it towed. I called around multiple places and they all were about 2 weeks out. I called the shop initially and they didn't answer. However, I left a message and within just a couple minutes I had a call back and a text from The Shop. I called back and they could look at the car that day and let me know what they thought. It was an hour or so later and I was told it was the starter and that he would have it done in the next day or two. The Shop went above and beyond and took care of a few other minor repairs I needed as well. Price was excellent for the speed, service and overall experience. They even came in on the weekend so I could get my car back as I couldn't make in before they closed on Friday. This is the auto repair shop to go to! The shop will be my first call for now on and has my complete recommendation for others!

Yall won’t read enough of this review to truly describe the incredible respect, honesty, and value that this shop has for you and your vehicle. Were from Nebraska, came in for the weekend but had a misfire on #4 of our suburban. Although he was booked with local customers they understood the weekend was coming and we needed to get home Sunday. Wanna talk about fast… problem was diagnosed, parts were ordered, replaced, test drove, and I was on my way. And the price… I’d be tempted to haul a vehicle out here for them to fix and still save money compared to prices back at home. THANK YOU for taking care of us like you did!

Krista Moberly
April 25, 2024

I thought I had a serious issue when it was really just the wrong bulb being placed incorrectly. Pricing was completely fair and customer service was amazing!! Will be coming back

David Guzman Bahena
February 6, 2024
Emily Evans
April 29, 2024

Steven and crew were great. From initial inquiry to job completion, response time was quick. Communication throughout was thorough - the technician took the time to explain how he fixed an issue. Everyone who greeted me did so with a polite warmth. Pricing was very competitive - I was able to save $$$ by taking my vehicle here instead of the dealership. I’ll be a repeat customer!

Kent Keenan
December 27, 2023

I was very impressed with The Shop and the staff. I went in to repair an oil leak and they went out of their way to make sure the leak was taken care of, and other problems were corrected. My 2005 G35 coup is now running the way I remember it use to. I am going to return my car to them next month to correct some electrical problems that I have. There we recommended to me, and I have recommended them to two other people since I starting dealing with them. I trust these guys with their work, and I look forward to rebuilding my car with them.

random univrses
January 22, 2024

The people here are friendly and honest. The work they do is amazing and it's well priced. Definitely would recommend 👍.

John Baird
March 11, 2024

Took 2009 honda ridgeline to be checked out before purchasing from honda world. Pointed out several small issues and I informed honda and saved money on the price of vehicle. Very nice and professional.

Jacey Smothers
May 24, 2024

We had such a great experience with the Shop. They were so great to work with and knowledgeable!

Madison Whitehouse
February 3, 2024

My husband and I have been taking our vehicles here for a few months and we could not have asked for a better experience. The staff is kind and takes the time to explain what they are doing and why, which I am very appreciative of. I could not recommend The Shop more, you will not have a better experience anywhere else.

Brady X27
February 6, 2024

Very accommodating and informative about my situation. Communication and service are great at this place.

Linda Allen
March 2, 2024

My grandson recently went there and had an awesome experience with his car! If he had a great experience, then I’m sure everyone else would too!

Sadie Matthews
December 22, 2023

Steven and Jacob are amazing and honest! I highly recommend taking your car here!

Jacob Chastain
March 8, 2024
Justin Bensel
February 8, 2024
February 8, 2024

Best service in town and did brake job for Prius and communicated well during process, excellent. Thanks for you hard work and great service!! Will tell everyone!! Rich Smith

Joseph gumer
January 26, 2024

Locally owned, and 100%?!? It does exist!!!! Jacob & Steven are the owners and the ones taking care of you!!!

Wes Clark
June 10, 2024

Best service in the city of Lousiville by far!

Jason Bagwell
June 27, 2024

Was just there today. These guys are great. They diagnosed my issue with an engine light and didn't charge me! Now I know what I need to fix and what parts to order. Other places likely would not have been this honest and fair. 10/10. Quit going to the other places, and come here. I am.

Rachel Brashear
April 18, 2024

Everyone at The Shop was extremely kind and knowledgeable. They helped me out right away, assured me everything would get fixed correctly and made me feel very confident that I brought my car to the right place. They got me back on the road to my kids asap. The staff there made going to a mechanic an easy and pleasant experience. I’d 1000% send any of my friends and family there.

Joseph Gumer
January 26, 2024